Benefits of Motorized Shades

May 11, 2021

In this blog entry, the window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail the major benefits of installing motorized shades at your home or business!

Safety for Pets and Children

Corded window treatments can pose safety hazards to pets and young children. There’s a risk of suffocation in the event that a small animal or child can get tangled in a cord, most notably in looped cords. Motorized window shades or blinds help eliminate this risk, making them ideal for rooms in which children or small pets can easily access.

Energy Efficiency

Motorized shades and blinds can provide energy efficiency through their light control and insulation power. By easily controlling the flow of natural light in your space, you can use less lighting – and you can even program your shades or blinds to open or close at particular times of the day! This helps you lower your electricity bills and stay more energy efficient.

Sun Protection for Furniture

Motorized blinds and shades protect your furniture from sun exposure. You can program your motorized shades or blinds to close at particular times of the day in order to control what amount of light enters a room, protecting furniture from color fading and damaging UV rays during the sunniest part of the day.

Security Benefits of Motorized Shades / Blinds

If you’re away from home, you can program motorized shades and blinds to automatically open or shut at different times of the day. This creates the illusion that the home is occupied, operating as a deterrent for criminals who might be staking out your area for empty houses to break into and steal from.

Sleep Benefits

Motorized shades or blinds, with their light blocking opacity options, can allow your sleeping quarters to remain as dark as possible. Even better than traditional blackout shades or blinds, motorized blackout shades or blinds can be programmed to slowly and gradually open in the morning, waking you up slowly and peacefully rather than all of a sudden. This is ideal for small children who tend to get startled when suddenly woken up. This makes motorized shades and blinds a luxurious and pleasant choice for bedrooms.

Smart Home Integration

Motorized shades and blinds can easily be integrated with smart home technology. The ability to pair your motorized shades and blinds with third party heat, light, and control systems allows you to operate your window treatments with thermostats and automated lights. You can program your shades  or blinds to shut while indoor or outdoor lights automatically turn on, and the temperature cools or warms up – as you’re approaching the house at night, so that it will be more welcoming.

Range of Control Options

Motorized shades and blinds come in a range of control options that allow you to operate them with a wireless switch, a smartphone app, or a remote control. You can even have a wall mounted button or switch permanently mounted so anybody in your home can easily adjust the window treatments at their convenience. You can even integrate the controls of motorized blinds and shades to voice control apps like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant for maximum convenience.