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3 Ways to Power Motorized Blinds

April 16, 2018

At Design Your Blind Boca Raton, we’re happy to provide high-tech window coverings. When you choose our motorized blinds, you’ll access technology which is right on the cutting edge. Just push a single button or flip one switch. Then watch in wonder as your fashionable shades open or close automatically!

Control how much light comes into your home or office interior via your preferred method. There are three ways to power motorized blinds and we’re going to talk about them today.

You’ll love the ease, convenience and sophistication of our motorized blinds.

If you’re tired of manually raising and lowering weighty shades and blinds, which are sometimes hard to reach, you’re a great candidate for our motorized blinds.

Choose solar-powered styles, battery motorized shades or electrical motor-powered blinds.

Battery Motorized Shades Are Popular

Battery wands are common motorized shade choices. A battery wand is a compact wand which uses eight to sixteen batteries of lithium ion type. These types of batteries are mandatory because they hold up well when exposed to hot sunlight. They will not melt.

Battery wands can be installed? over, behind or beside blinds or shades. Installing a motorize blinds system depends on the shade/blind mount type. Bear in mind that the batteries will last for twelve months. Change them when motorized performance begins to slow down.

If your windows are difficult to reach, you’ll do better with another type or with a remote controlled? motorized blind.

Electrical Motors – AC or DC Type

Homes which are newly renovated or brand-new are good places to install blinds or shades which are “hard wired”. You will need an electrician to get these motorized blinds/shades installed safely and properly.

These window coverings feature 110-volt power cords, which plug right into outlets. While you’ll need to pay for the power that is used to operate these types of window treatments, they are very low-maintenance. You won’t need to renew batteries.

Window treatments which are hard wired are very powerful. They are ideal for heavy blinds.

Is Solar Power Right for You?

When you choose window coverings which are solar-powered, they will be equipped with a compact solar panel which features a battery that is rechargeable. The solar panel and battery “wand” will be situated behind your window and it is charged by sunlight.

You won’t need lift cords because your blinds or shades will go up or down with solar power!

Also, slats will close and open via the power of sunlight.
To get these window coverings up and running, you won’t need to hire an electrician. These types of motorized blinds are so easy to install.

Your rechargeable battery will last for about two years before requiring replacement. You’ll know it’s time to replace the battery when the pace at which the blind or shade moves becomes noticeably slower.

More Facts About Motorized Blinds

All of these blinds function via radio frequency. Systems for motorizing blinds are a lot like garage door opener systems. A remote will work up to a certain distance, about sixty-five feet.

You may select a single-channel remote or a five-channel remote, depending on what you want. The five-channel styles will control separate windows. The one-channel styles will control all blinds at one time.You may program your remote control for a preferred setting if so desired.

There are other ways to control window treatments which are motorized. Options include sun sensors, scheduling timers and wall switches. Sun sensors may be set to close on their own when the temperature goes up – this will reduce energy consumption and lower your power bills.
Timers may be programmed to suit your lifestyle.

Wall switches function as light switches do, making it easy to put window coverings in preferred positions.

Treat Yourself to Motorized Window Treatments

Someday, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll all have the capacity to control our motorized shades and blinds via apps. For example, “Nest” is one smart phone app which controls home-based devices and it will probably allow users to control their motorized blinds soon enough. If you want to access high-tech, automated performance right now, be sure to choose motorized window treatments from Design Your Blind today.