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Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds, also known as mini blinds, are a cost effective solution that can be a perfect fit for many rooms.

The mini blinds are a low cost option for horizontal application, normally with smaller slates than wood blinds, while providing the same light control and privacy solution. They are operated intuitively with a cords to lower and raise the blinds, and a tilt wand to adjust the angle of the slates.

Mini blinds are ideal for offices, hallways, commercial spaces and even residential rentals.
Easy operation and maintenance ensure a window treatment that will last for years to come without breaking the budget.

Because of their thin 1-inch profile, they are one of the best solutions for shallow windows and doors with not much depth to install bigger blinds.

Aluminum Blinds are available in different slate widths of 1-inch and 2-inch. The 2-inch slates are recommended for a grander look, allowing more view to the outside than with the smaller slates. Decorative banding and valances will add some elegance to the room, more than only providing functionality.

Aluminum is a light weight metal, with no adverse effects on humans or animals, fully opaque – blocking the sun, and naturally fire resistant. It is easy to customize with different colors, and easy to clean, qualifying it as an optimal window treatment material.

The basic control options for mini blinds are the standard cordlock and tilt wand, however, upgrades are available for cordless lifting options.