Commercial Shades and Blinds

Design Your Blind offers the best commercial window treatments solution for your business. A high-performance shading system can enhance the aesthetics of any commercial area by providing adequate covering for the windows. Furthermore, it is a very important element of interior decoration which is a must for places that have large windows or glass walls and ceilings.

Windows are the first thing that people notice when they enter a room. Moreover, commercial Window treatments not only provide privacy and control the light, but also enhance the style of the decor. There are various types of commercial window treatments available. Design Your Blind has a team of experts who can guide you regarding the window treatment solution that works best for you. We provide you a one-stop solution for your shading requirements. Our designers  can compose a shading system specifically according to the location of your property and the space that needs to be covered.

Design Your Blind provides commercial window treatment services for corporate and commercial offices, hotels and restaurants, law practices and retail stores.

Indoor Commercial Window Treatments Solutions

Design Your Blind provides commercial blinds, shades, and curtains for indoor window treatments.

Commercial blinds are a very good option because they are available in many materials and designs which can suit any kind of decor.

  • Wood Blinds are a classic choice because they lend an old world charm to the room and are evergreen. Their durability is another factor which makes them a popular choice for offices as well as restaurants.
  • Faux Wood Blinds are made of PVC or composite wood material which makes them moisture resistant. These are vertical commercial blinds. There is no risk of cracking or breaking and these are more economical than wooden blinds.
  • There are Woven Wood Blinds too which contain intricate patterns that look very elegant and add an artistic touch to a commercial place. These commercial blinds are available in both vertical and horizontal blinds.
  • Aluminium Horizontal Blinds are available if you do not prefer wooden blinds. These blinds look discreet and suit the formal environment of an office space.
  • In case you want something modern and different than vertical blinds, there is the option of Sliding Panel Blinds which work just like sliding windows. These commercial blinds made of fabric. You simply need to slide them aside to let light enter the room. These blinds can be used for covering large windows.

Spa Waiting Room Window Treatment

Commercial Roller Shades

  • You can go for Solar Shades which just block out the light but not the view. The sheer solar shades look very stylish but if you want greater privacy then you should go for more opaque solar shades. These are great for conference rooms and offices.
  • Motorized Roller Shades are very efficient in controlling the light and look very stylish too. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors to suit your commercial requirements.

Reception Room Window Treatment

Commercial Curtains

  • Hotels and restaurants conventionally make use of curtains and drapes to provide privacy to the guests. We provide hotel curtains made of different fabrics and available in various colors to suit every kind of room.

These are just a few options for indoor commercial window treatments. For that reason, our team can inspect the area for which you require the service and can help you to make the right choice for your space.

Hotel Room Window Treatment Combining Sheers and Blackout Curtains

Outdoor Commercial Shading Solutions

Hotels and restaurants typically have outdoor areas like cafes and pools which require adequate shading to protect the guests from the harsh heat of the sun. We provide a range of shades and awnings for such outdoor areas. For instance, awnings give a vintage feel and are perfect for restaurants that offer alfresco dining facilities. In addition, there are shade canopies, likewise patio shades, for outdoor dining, and, therefore, guests can feel more comfortable. These shades and awnings blend with the structure of your property and add to its style.

Design Your Blind is here to assist you in choosing the right kind of commercial window treatments and shades for your business. Customized commercial curtains and commercial blinds are available to suit every requirement of yours. Window treatments are an essential part of the decor and necessary for protection from the excessive heat and light. Design Your Blind can work with business owners to provide efficient and long-lasting window coverings and shades.

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