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Roman Shades

Today, we’d like to share information about the five trendiest Roman Shade styles. All our Roman Shades are made to order, just like our custom-made curtains.

Once you discover what’s hot and happening in the world of Roman Shades, you may want to choose a favorite style…and then call us to help you pick the perfect fabric for you!

We can create almost any Roman Shade in your preferred size. As well, we can customize Roman Shades by adding borders, banding and custom trim.

If you want to find out more, please call us today. We offer free in-home consultations. Our designer will come to you and help you to choose the Roman Shades which are perfect for your tastes and budget. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable our custom Roman Shades really are!

Flat Roman Shade

flat roman shade style

This type of Roman Shade has a clean and classic look. It’s a “fold style” which is crafted from a single panel of material. The material has no seams. Customers who appreciate streamlined style often select flat Roman Shades. They are also popular with consumers who want shades with big patterns. These shades may be layered under custom curtains for a richer, more textural window treatment look.

Benefits of Flat Roman Shades

  • Material lies flat for a minimalist and clean effect
  • Big patterns won’t be marred by seams
  • Slimline profile of these shades makes them perfect for French doors and shallower windows.
  • Folds are thinner when raised completely

Banded Roman Shade


The Banded Roman Shade is also an attractive choice. It features trim which adds so much visual impact. The bottom of the shade is adorned with tape trim, a ribbon or contrast fabric. The trim may also be added to the sides of the shade.

Trim is inset or runs down the shade’s edges. As well, you’ll be able to choose banding on a single side, two sides or three sides.

Usually, Banded Roman Shades are made from linen which is soft and solid. The trim accents the edge.

Advantages of Banded Roman Shades

  • The banding offers welcome contrast and makes the accent color in a room “pop”
  • An edge or inset trim will complement the palette of a room
  • You’ll be able to select your preferred effect, whether you want a plain and neutral Roman Shade or something more dramatic, such as a style with edge banding.
  • These shades have a polished and tailored look

Hobbled Roman Shade

hobbled roman shade style

The Hobbled Roman Shade is rather traditional in appearance and it’s made with loops of material which go down the length of the shade. With this style, there will be four to eight-inch pleats that are overlapping.

Key Selling Points of Hobbled Roman Shades

  • They give windows folded, full looks, even while shades are closed
  • When shades are raised, folds remain even and neat.
  • More darkening power due to extra material (for the folds)
  • Gives a window a valance-like effect when the shade is up all of the way.

Cascade Roman Shade

cascade roman shade style

This type of Roman Shade is made with horizontal pockets which are spaced out evenly and then strengthened via rods. You’ll love the structure of these beautiful window shades. Much like Flat Roman Shades, Cascade Roman Shades provide a tailored look which is pleasingly flat.

Reasons to Select Cascade Roman Shades:

  • Modernized versions of Hobbled Roman Shades
  • Bar lines run horizontally across the material and these lines are very decorative, as they add a sense of depth and richness.
  • Folds look tidy and neat when shades are lifted
  • Adds volume to the window


Relaxed Roman Shade

relaxed roman shade style

This style has a bottom which is relaxed. Relaxed Roman Shades are soft and sophisticated, while still being tailored enough to provide a polished and traditional look. They share the tailored appeal of Flat Roman Shades, with a little added softness.

Why Choose Relaxed Roman Shades?

  • If you prefer a laid-back look, you’ll find that choosing these shades helps you to give your home interior a bit of welcome softness
  • These shades look terrific with patterned materials and solid fabrics


London Roman Shade

london roman shade style

When you select a London Roman Shade, it may be gathered at its sides in order to provide an elegant look which is still casual and soft. This style is a lot like the Relaxed Roman Shade. However, it has a couple of pleats which create “tails” on either side. When these shades are lowered, they take on a balloon shape near the bottom.

Why Choose London Roman Shades?

  • They work well for areas where daily raising and lowering isn’t necessary
  • They give a whimsical and casual look which is perfect for baths, bedrooms and kitchens