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Mini Blinds

Why buy mini blinds?

You’ve probably heard about them already. However, you may not know exactly what they are, especially in terms of how they compare to other forms of window coverings. Basically, mini blinds are made of smaller-than-average slats which are fifty percent smaller in width than the typical blinds.

mini blinds

  • In general, the maximum slat width for mini blinds is one inch.
  • Design Your Blind offers a wide assortment of mini blinds
  • These blinds are so popular with consumers that you’ll not only find them in commercial spaces and homes, but in many general locations where window treatments are needed.

Since they are light in weight, affordable and easy to clean, they deliver a lot of value. They are convenient choices because they provide a very high level of versatility. Mini blinds work in so many different types of rooms, with so many different types of décor.

Benefits Of Mini Blinds

They Control Light Effectively – Although mini blinds don’t keep light out completely as blackout shades do, they do keep out enough light to please homeowners. Also, mini blinds are a total breeze to operate with wands to open the slats and cords may be used to lift the blinds or pull them down.

They Don’t Cost Very Much – Homeowners always have a lot of monthly expenses, so they like choosing blinds that don’t bust their budgets. Mini blinds are affordable choices.

In fact, they are so affordable that a lot of people outfit their entire homes with them.

Whether you need just one mini blind or many, you’ll find that you’re able to buy them for a low price…especially when you buy from Design Your Blind.

Easy to Clean – Almost all mini blinds are crafted from materials which are rugged and synthetic. They are simple to clean with the usual household cleaners.

If you choose another type of blind (or shade), rather than a mini blind, you may have to be concerned with fading and/or staining.

When you choose mini blinds, you’ll find that they hold up well, even after they’ve been exposed to minimal amounts of household cleaner or water over time. Also, mini blinds are simple to dust. It’s also possible to quickly give them a wipe, which less regular maintenance.

Familiar – Another reason to love mini blinds is that they are familiar. We’re all used to seeing them in homes and places of business. We are accustomed to the look of mini blinds. We also know how to operate them and how quickly they are installed.

Discover the Two Main Types of Mini Blinds

At Design Your Blind, we provide our customers with two varieties of mini blinds options. The types vary in terms of color choices, options and available sizes. When these high-quality mini blinds are closed, they stop sun glare, comfortably dim rooms and provide privacy.

People outside won’t be able to peer into windows with closed mini-blinds. This is good news from a safety standpoint.

One-inch Mini Blinds (Aluminum) – The one-inch mini blinds that we sell are classic choices. They are made from light and strong aluminum. If you want a traditional look, these window treatments are smart buys.

Since our one-inch aluminum mini blinds are made from outstanding materials and cut to ensure ideal fit, they offer the most bang for your buck. You’ll love how affordable these blinds are.

Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds – Some homeowners want to avoid the risk of having cords for mini blinds in their houses or condos. You should know that we include cord cleats (at no extra charge) with every corded window treatment product that we sell. However, you may still want to go for cordless safety and convenience.

If you do, our cordless aluminum mini blinds will be perfect for your needs. You won’t need to use a lift cord. Instead, you’ll raise or lower the cordless blind by lifting the rail at the base of the mini blind. Our cordless mini blinds are very durable.

To find out more, check out the product pages at our website (provide a link and a return to this page link too?). You’ll be able to see our full selection of cordless mini blinds. Styles vary in terms of color, customization options, specifications and size choices.

We Have the Right Window Blinds

We do have the window blinds that you are looking for. We sell mini blinds, standard blinds, roman shades, wood blinds, motorized roller shades and so many other well-made (and competitively-priced!) window treatments.

Please browse our selection of mini blinds today and if you have questions, just get in touch with us. One of our Design Your Blind team members will have the answers! We offer you a free, in-home consultation with one of our talented and experienced designers.

So, why not call or email today?