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Silhouette Shades

Establish beautiful dramatic effects with natural daylight spread into the room.

Silhouette shadings is made of soft fabric vanes trapped between two sheer fabric pieces that elegantly soften any room environment while still allowing light to come in, and control the privacy that’s most comfortable for you.

You are able to tilt the vanes to a closed position for maximum privacy and light control, tilt open for controlled privacy and daylight, or completely raise the shade up into the cassette for maximum views when privacy is not an issue.

The unique S-shaped vanes of the Silhouettes have an advantage over similar sheer products, as they allow a slight overlap to eliminate light leakage, and provide an effortless light and privacy control option with the fabric vanes floating between the sheer fabric front & backing when open. The adjustable vanes let you control how much light you want in the space, or the amount of privacy you require for different times of the day.

While made from sheer material and fabric material, the Silhouettes provide excellent UN protection for your furniture and floors from the harsh sun against any fading. The Silhouette can filter up to 88% of the UV rays.

The Silhouettes are also offered with blackout roller shade integrated in them as an upgrade, to further eliminate light from entering the room during your precious sleep hours.