Bathroom Blinds and their Excellent Features

January 4, 2021

The layout and functionality of bathroom blinds are often overlooked by property owners – which is unfortunate, as they really do make bathrooms more elegant, comfortable, and attractive. In this blog entry, the shade and blind installation team here at Design Your Blind will detail some information about the best practical and functional features of bathroom blinds you can install at your property today.

Mildew Resistance

Bathrooms experience mildew unlike any other area of the home. Mildew can accumulate on bathroom tiles, walls, and even window coverings! It’s essential that when you purchase a bathroom window treatment, that you buy bathroom curtains or shades with mildew resistant properties. Design Your Blind carries a wide range of mildew resistant blinds that boast anti-microbial properties that stop mildew and mold from propagating on surfaces in the first place!

Heat Resistance

Bathrooms become hot and steamy after baths and showers, so it’s essential that your bathroom window treatment, whether curtains or shades, can stand up to the heat. Faux wooden bathroom blinds are an excellent heat resistant option that provides a luxurious and classic appearance that compliments any bathroom space, while also providing a high level of heat resistance (with zero warping) and incredibly simple and quick cleaning

Bathroom Privacy

If you’re purchasing a window treatment for your bathroom, it’s essential that you purchase one that provides a large amount of privacy. It’s especially important for bathroom window treatments to offer total privacy – levels of opaqueness aren’t as much of an issue with bathroom curtains as they are with dining room or living room curtains. However, the great news is that you don’t have to buy blackout bathroom curtains to relieve total privacy in your bathroom – even when it’s lit from inside. There’s a wide range of bathroom curtain materials, styles, colors, and textures available on the market today – a variety of options that can complement your existing bathroom decor while continuing to offer you reliable privacy so you can make your bathroom your own private hideaway.