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Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

January 1, 2024

In this blog entry, the expert Florida shades and blinds installation service team here at Design Your Blind will briefly detail some of the major benefits of motorized window coverings, and what makes them so popular with homeowners today.

  • Remote Control Operation– Easily raise, tilt, and lower down shades or blinds with remote control options like remotes, smartphone applications, and even voice control. You will no longer have to manually adjust cords or shades to your ideal position. This makes motorized window treatments ideal for windows nearby bulky furniture or decor.
  • Child and Pet Safety – Cordless window treatments are the safest for pets and children. The design of motorized shades and blinds removes all need for cords, and lowers the level of safety hazards for children or pets inside your home. Corded shades and blinds pose somewhat of a serious danger to kids or pets that can get tangled in them.
  • Energy Efficiency – Motorized window treatments improve your home energy consumption. You can program blinds or shades to open during certain times of the day to improve lighting and remove the annoyance of manual adjustments. If you program your window treatment to allow more natural lighting in the Winter – or less in the Summer – you can drastically lower your energy bills, achieving your ideal temperature much faster.
  • UV Protection – Motorized shades and blinds help protect your furniture and decor from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Sun exposure can damage and fade furniture and art – and by investing in motorized window treatments that shield your furniture from ultraviolet rays at preprogrammed times, you can protect it without needing to remember to shut the shades or blinds yourself.
  • Home Security Benefits – By automating your motorized window treatments at pre-programmed times, you can add an additional layer of home security when you’re at work or on a trip. By programming your shades and blinds to operate at specific times, you can create the appearance that somebody is occupying your house, even when it’s truly empty.
  • Home Value Benefits – Installing motorized window treatments can boost your home value and curb appeal. Motorized shades and blinds are considered high demand home features due to their energy efficiency and ability to be integrated with smart home technology. You can easily get a return on investment with motorized window treatments when selling your home.

Smart Home Benefits – Easily integrate your motorized shades and blinds into a broader smart home automation system. You can easily operate motorized windows treatments with smartphones or tablets; create particular shade positions for different shades; program specific times for shades or blinds to open, close, or operate at the exact same time, and even monitor backup battery charge levels for the ultimate convenience and centralized control.