Benefits of Natural Shades

January 1, 2022

In this blog entry, the professional window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail the top 5 reasons that natural shades can benefit your residential or commercial property.

Rustic Outdoor Appearance 

It’s very nurturing for all of us to spend time in nature. Walking in the woods, hiking, breathing fresh air, or enjoying any aspect of nature are all fantastic ways to relax and recharge your soul. There’s much natural beauty present in the world around us; so why not let your window treatments help you enjoy the beauty of the natural world? Natural shades allow you to bring a sense of the rustic outdoors into your home, which is an especially ideal choice for homes with beautiful views of trees. Choose natural shades made of a material that matches your interiors to bring you a sense of the kind of nature that helps you relax inside your soul. 

Environment-Friendly Options 

Natural shades are the most environmentally friendly kind of window treatment. Natural shades are often made of renewable materials that are sustainably harvested, sustainably sourced, and hand-selected from renewable materials. A popular choice of renewable materials for natural shades are woven wood shades, bamboo shades, or even seagrass shades.

Aesthetic Beauty 

If you take the time to select your wardrobe, or furniture in order to achieve the highest amount of natural or aesthetic beauty, why not take just as much time when selecting your window treatments? Natural material window treatments like woven wood or bamboo shades allow you to frame your windows in a unique and aesthetically attractive way. No two organic materials provide the exact same kind of appearance. This means that no two kinds of natural shades are exactly the same. They have unique flares that can help bring your style through, and a range of unique design elements that can be implemented to perfectly match your interiors. Choose from material variations, unique knotting patterns, mineral marks, special nodes or knots, or evenly spaced or pattern-changing variety for uniquely variable natural appearances that allow the outside world to be brought into your home decor. 

Light Control

Don’t forget that natural shades provide a high degree of light control. If you’re looking for light filtering, room darkening, or privacy features, natural shades – when designed in particular kinds of materials or weaves – filter out light while sometimes allowing beautiful views of the outdoor or natural light to be diffused into your home during the daytime. Natural shades can also be lined with special room darkening or light filtering materials. These liners can be permanently attached to your natural shades, or can be removable, which provides you a flexible solution ideal for any of your needs. Some kinds of liners for your natural shades are light filtering liners, blackout liners, opaque liners, or light diffusion liners, making natural shades an ideal choice for both bedrooms and media rooms.

Aesthetic Enhancement 

Natural shades are a popular choice with fashion designers, because not only are they versatile, fitting perfectly within a wide range of spaces, but they’re flexible and can complement any existing aesthetic principle. Whether your home is traditionally decorated, has a casual decoration style, is modern, contemporary, coastal, rustic, or avant-garde, natural shades can perfectly match your window covering needs while also matching the decor of your home.

There’s a wide range of reasons to love natural shades. Design Your Blind provides a wide range of natural shades for homes, businesses, industrial environments, schools, hotels, hospitals, and much more. Contact Design Your Blind today to arrange your natural shade installation service.