Best Energy Efficient Window Treatments

July 26, 2021

In this blog entry, Design Your Blind will detail the best options for window treatments that provide energy efficiency and savings!

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are popular and ideal for window insulation and light control. They are composed of a series of hexagonal cells vertically stacked – which is why they are also called honeycomb shades. Their pockets hold air which in turn insulate your home, reducing temperature transfer from windows up to 80%. Design Your Blinds provides a wide variety of window shades of different colors and opacity levels – each reducing heat while allowing in some light.

Roman Shades

Roman shades function as a combination of modern design and classical aesthetics – creating an elegant solution for bright rooms. They provide both light control and insulation, without sacrificing a timeless and glamorous appearance, and can even be motorized to be controlled with a simple button-push.

Heat Control Blinds

Heat control blinds utilize horizontal slats to block sunlight, and even diffuse it to lower glare when slats are tilted. Automated heat control blinds allow you to set a personalized program for your home’s ight control, with the option to automatically close or open individual blinds at exact times, with total control of slat angles.

Heat Blocking Drapes or Curtains

Curtains and drapes can be designed to block or diffuse heat, which is ideal for rooms with sun facing windows, rooms that require total darkness, or homes in very hot areas. Heat blocking properties are based on what fabric the curtains or drapes are made of – tightly woven fabrics are the best, especially when lined. Dark fabrics usually trap more heat, while lighter colors reflect light. Light colored fabrics with linings are ideal for keeping your home cool. When combined with valances or cornices at window tops, your insulation can be maximized, and your Summer heat control can be optimized – especially when curtains or drapes are hung as close to the window as possible.

Layering Window Treatments

By layering different window treatments on top of eachother, you can effectively reduce heat. Combining drapes to windows with blinds or shades already in place will maximize insulation. Combinations of window treatments should be handled with aesthetic consideration, as combinations of different colors, patterns, or solid designs can create a bold and luxurious feel in your interiors.