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Best Window Treatments for Home Nurseries

August 6, 2022

If you have a newborn baby at your home, you understand how the room in which your child sleeps is basically the center of your home and the center of your attention. Nurseries have to be just perfect, ensuring the safety and comfort of your precious child. In this blog entry, the Florida blind installation team and Boca Raton shades and blinds installation team here at Design Your Blind will detail the best window treatments for home nurseries.

Prevent Window Overshadowing

Curtains can reduce window width and cover up glass even when retracted. If you want to use drapes or curtains, buy those with wide panels and install rod hardware farther away from the window edge in order to allow you to pull curtains without blocking your view. Just makes sense that curtain rods are long enough for the extra width, as when some curtain rods stretch too far, they collapse which can be dangerous.

Avoiding Long Drapery

Avoid installing long drapery that toddlers can reach. You don’t want kids to be able to pull on, climb, or wipe things off on curtain panels – which can be gross, unsanitary, or even dangerous.


Fabric valances can make blinds look softer through a combination of color and texture, as well as preventing blinds from being able to be touched by children.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are an affordable option for light control that allows you to have as much natural light as you want. We recommend attaching a light blocking or decorative fabric to add some stylish flair. 

Avoid Tension Rods

Tension rods are not attached to the wall, and can collapse with a subtle movement. This can cause injury to children. Only attach hanging curtain hardware directly to the wall.

Avoid Decorative Curtains

Don’t install window treatments with cords or beading, as they can become loose, fall off, or even get pulled off by children – creating a choking hazard.

Childproofing Window Treatments

Never install blinds with exposed cords in a children’s room. You can consider installing modern breakaway cord blinds if you must. Install safety devices like stops and window guards on all windows, and don’t place furniture where it allows children to climb up to the window and press against it.

Heat Control

We recommend installing heat reflection, heat blocking, and ultraviolet light blocking window treatments in rooms in which children sleep. The best option is double lined ultraviolet light blinds or drapes. These allow you to keep your children cool as they nap, and adding them with UV blocking window films can also allow you to reflect the sun’s heat when directly applying it to glass.