Let us do the hard work for you. Our friendly and professional installers have years of experience working with window treatments and have great knowledge and the tools for providing proper blinds repair services, measure and installation.

Blinds Repair Services

If your blinds are in bad shape, and don’t function well any longer, give us a call for a quick repair.

Most repairs are easy, and require just replacing a part. We repair all types of blinds and shades, and service all brands.

Measure & Install Service

For a perfect look you want to achieve from the window treatments, you must have perfect measurements and have them installed perfectly. After you’ve chosen the right type of window covering, you need to choose the right professionals to measure and install.

  • Each window is measured carefully at the top of the window, and depending on the product, it is also measured at the center and bottom. We take into consideration the depth of the window, and if there are any obstacles such as door handles that will get in the way of the operation of the blinds.
  • Most windows aren’t perfectly squared, and if the deviation is too big, we might consider an outside of frame mount rather than inside mount.
  • Occasionally, when the top of the window frame or ceiling aren’t leveled, the window treatments may not roll up evenly and this results in telescoping that can damage the fabric over time. Our installers have several solutions to deal with this phenomena and correct this issue.