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Cellular Shades Benefits

March 7, 2021

Cellular shades are an incredibly popular choice of window treatments due to their ability to deliver on both energy efficiency and light control. In this blog entry, the cellular shade installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail some of the main benefits offered by cellular window shades.

What Exactly ARE Cellular Window Shades?

In a brief nutshell: cellular shades are composed of two fabric pieces that can fold up along pre-manufactured horizontal pleats. They’re available in a wide range of colors, opacity options (from sheer to total blackout,) and pleat sizes – making them a versatile, attractive, customizable, and popular choice for home and business window treatments.

Why are Cellular Shades a Crowd-Pleasing Window Treatment?

Cellular shades provide insulation between the window and the room, increasing energy efficiency – especially in warm areas. Hot air will stay outside and your home will remain cooler in the Summer, preventing you from spending more on your air conditioning bill. The amount of customizable versatility with cellular shades is an additional benefit – you can choose their color, opacity, and pleat size for your material and practical requirements – as well as your aesthetic taste. Cellular shades are available in top-down, motorized, and/or cordless varieties – even varieties that can be controlled and/or operated from your smartphone?

Should you go for Cellular Shades in your space?

Cellular shades are ideal for locations that have a varied and shiftable interior design aesthetic – and most importantly, for those interested in energy efficiency and lowering their energy bill. Customers looking for a window treatment with an incredibly unique and bold appearance might want to go for another option like roller shades, or even layering curtains and shades together!