Custom Bamboo Roller Blinds

August 26, 2021

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Bamboo roller blinds are a window treatment that rolls up and ties into a secure position. It’s usually made out of rustic bamboo slats, usually without any lining, and can be tied to be held in position. Many people find this frustrating – and hanging cords can potentially be a hazard to small animals or children. However, there is a much better option! Customized bamboo roller blinds!! The advantages of customized bamboo roller blinds include:

Versatile Material and Color Choices

Custom bamboo roller blinds are available in a wide variety of colors, weave designs, and materials. Also known as woven wood shades, custom bamboo shades or blinds are made of eco-friendly materials like grasses, weeds, or jute. You don’t need to choose from classic bamboo in only gold or brown – you can choose from a wide array of colors from oceanic blues and greens to grays and tans.

Style Options

Custom bamboo shades come in a wide array of minimal or elegant styles – from waterfalling cascades to shades that fall from the rear of window valances. How deep your window is will determine what design of custom bamboo shades will provide you the most privacy and light control – which can easily be estimated by a window treatment professional like those here at Design Your Blind.

Lining Options

Unlike traditional bamboo shades, custom bamboo roller shades can be paired with a lining – from light filtering opacities of different levels to full blackout. These linings come in a range of colors which can contrast or accent the color of the bamboo shade or blinds themselves – it’s best to experiment with looking at different colors to determine which is best for your window.

Child and Pet Safety

Custom bamboo roller shades and blinds are available in cordless iterations, which eliminate the potential risks associated with the dangling cords of traditional non-custom bamboo shades. You can even opt to motorize your custom bamboo roller shades to operate with the simple push of a button!