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Differences Between Curtains and Drapes

February 11, 2023

In this blog entry, the Florida window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail the main differences between curtains and drapes.

Curtains and Drapes Differences

Curtains are made of light fabric and are cut to fit a window or drop just a few inches below the window. Drapes are made of a few layers of thicker fabrics, and are usually cut all the way to floor length, or lay in a draped puddle on the floor. Drapes run from the floor to the ceiling and are much heavier than curtains,, as wella s benign opaque due to their lining. Drapes will block natural light from entering your property, and curtains sometimes allow a bit of light to pass through them depending on what type of (and thickness of) fabric they are constructed of.

Choosing Home Curtains

Curtains come in a wide array of fabrics, styles, and cuts. Sheer curtains are semi transparent, allowing fresh air and sunlight to pass through their thin materials. They are ideal for areas that require minimal privacy and lots of natural light. Semi opaque curtains allow a small amount of light to come through when curtains are closed, and blackout curtains completely block out all light, ideal for bedrooms or nurseries. Cafe, or window tier curtains, are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. They are usually hung with a rod in the middle of a window frame. This allows the upper half of the window to remain uncovered allowing you to slide the top window open to ventilate out steam or let fresh air here.

Curtain Hanging Options

You can opt for rod pocket curtains, which have concealed curtain rods and hanging hardware. Rod pocket curtains are often matched with swags or valances to conceal any unattractive gatherings that accumulate as curtains are regularly opened and closed. Hidden tab curtains eliminate the indeed for a balance or swag, as their upper fabric is stiff, allowing them to stand up on their own and providing somewhat of an illusion of floating in air. Grommet and eyelet curtains have a perfectly seamless look with no interruptions and have large holes on their top edges which are sealed with metal or plastic grommets, as well as heavy duty stitching. Contact the professional Florida window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind for determining what curtain hanging option matches your unique needs the best.