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Guide to Woven Shades

November 1, 2023

What exactly are woven shades?

Woven shades are a form of window covering often made from fiber like bamboo, grasses, jute, or other natural materials that are woven together to create an aesthetically appealing pattern, woven shades create a natural and organic appearance to rooms of all types, making them a very popular choice with eco-conscious homeowners.

What are the main features of a quality woven shade?

  • Woven shades usually have a natural aesthetic that can then be matched to a range of interior design aesthetics including traditional and modern to coastal. Homeowners who want their woven shades to have a clearer look might ask for features like edge banding for extra definition.
  • Women shades provide different levels of light filtration based on whether they have shade liners. Some woven shades allow soft and diffused light to enter your property, while other woven shades have stronger light control and opacity levels.
  • Woven shades are considered eco-friendly due to their being constructed with renewable materials. By using sustainable materials, you can make your home more environmentally-friendly.
  • Woven shades are highly durable, making them a good idea for areas with tons of traffic or homes with children or pets.
  • Woven shades are fully customizable to fit windows in many different directions. You can choose woven shades in a wide range of weaves and colors that match your existing decor and design aesthetic.
  • You can purchase woven shades in traditional corded lift constructions, as well as with a continuous loop lift option that uses a continuous lift loop to raise and lower shades. You can also opt for cordless woven shades or motorized woven shades for extra convenience.
  • Woven shades are available in a range of light filtration options including blackout, semi-opaque privacy lining, and highly affordable unlined varieties.
  • Woven shades require very little maintenance, but we recommend regularly using a rush (or lightly vacuuming) to remove dust from within the weave of the shade.