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Historical Window Treatment Facts

December 22, 2022

Here’s some unique fun and historical facts about shades and blinds as prepared by the Florida window treatment installation and Florida blinds installation team here at Design Your Blinds.

  • Although nobody knows when the VERY first window coverings were made, we do know that the ancient peoples of China and Egypt wove window coverings out of bamboo and reeds. It was also very common to hang animal hides on windows.
  • During construction of the ancient Roman Colosseum, ROme became extremely dusty. In order to keep this dust outside of their homes, Romans hung damp fabric over their windows – creating the very first prototype of Roman shades.
  • Venetian blinds were invented by the Persians, who were then traded to Venetian merchants who brought them all to Europe.
  • Drapery has always been placed in the center of stages in theater, film, and television for years. A few key moments involving drapery in pop culture is in ‘The Sound of Music when Maria creates new clothing for the Von Trapp children using curtains in their home. Another example is in ‘Gone With the Wind’ when Scarlett O’Hara has a green velvet dress made with drapery – which was then parodied by the famous Carol Burnett when she played Scarlet wearing a dress with a curtain rod still attached behind her beck.
  • The ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii have slatted blinds – resembling shutters – made fully of marble. Can you imagine how incredibly heavy that must have been?