Increasing Home Value Through Window Treatments

May 7, 2023

Here’s a guide to the ways that window treatments can increase your home value, as prepared by the professional Florida window treatment installation team here at Design Your Blind.

How do window treatments increase home value?

  1. Window treatments provide a modern and fresh appearance to your home. A high-end, or just well-crafted window covering makes any room appear as if it’s been decorated by an expert home decorator. Make sure the window coverings match or work well with the wall colors. Window coverings make a beautiful look that can attract buyers if you’re interested in selling your space.
  2. Choosing the right window treatment can make your home more energy efficient, giving you stronger control over how much heat is gained or lost through your windows during the Summer and Winter. This can drastically reduce your energy bill as well as increasing your home value, making it more likely that home buyers will pay more on the house since they will pay less on home utilities.
  3. The best type of window treatment will match your interior decor while also providing functional benefits and convenience in its method of operation. Motorized window treatments are particularly convenient, especially if your home is in an area with lots of other high-end homes, or if you’re in an area with housing inventory. We recommend upgrading window treatments with woven wood shades, cellular blinds, and plantation blinds – all forms of window treatment upgrades that are generally seen as a big benefit to potential home buyers.