Interesting Shades and Blinds Facts

October 11, 2022

Check out these fun facts about shades and blinds as prepared by the expert Florida shade installation and Florida blind installation team here at Design Your Blind.

Reeds and Bamboo Window Treatment

Nobody knows when and where the very first window treatments were made – probably out of leaves or animal hides – but the ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese wove window treatments out of reeds and bamboo.

Ancient Roman Window Treatments

During construction of the Colosseum in ancient Rome, Rome got absolutely filled with dust. In order to keep dust out of their homes, Romans hung damp pieces of fabric over their windows. This is the origin of today’s Roman shades!

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds as they are known today were actually invented by the Persian people, in today’s Iran. This form of blinds were traded to Venetian merchants who then brought them to Italy and the rest of Europe.

Window Treatments in Film

Drapery is usually featured in center stage in theater, film, and television as set pieces. In the classic film ‘The Sound of Music,’ the protagonist Maria creates new clothing for the Von Trapp children out of the curtains in her room. The lead of ‘Gone With the Wind,’ Scarlett O’Hara, has her classic green velvet dress made from drapery. Another classic window treatment moment in show business was when Carol Burnett parodied this dress from ‘Gone With the Wind’ on her iconic eponymous sketch show when she wore a dress with the curtain rod still attached behind her neck.

Marble Window Treatments

Found in the ruins of the ancient doomed city of Pompeii were slatted blinds – similar to shutters – completely made of heavy marble!