Keeping White Shades and Blinds Clean

February 10, 2021

White blinds offer an elegant and classic approach to window treatments that increase the sense of aesthetic refinement in any home or business. However, like all white materials, white blinds can accumulate the appearance of dirt or grime with higher contrast – which is why we, the blind and shade installation experts here at Design Your Blind – have prepared this handy guide to keeping white blinds and shades clean at your property.

Cleaning Aluminium Blinds

The majority of metal blinds are constructed from aluminium, and are renowned for their long lasting durability. They can resist sun exposure for a long time without incurring damage to clean aluminium blinds, just wipe off the dust with a dry rag. If they haven’t been cleaned in some time, just use some gentle soup and some fresh water.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are often fit with finishes to prevent stains – simply clean off dust on wooden blinds with a feather duster, or the soft brush added attachment on a vacuum. Once in a while, utilize a high quality furniture polish to clean off your wood blinds. Use a cloth with some furniture polish on each blnd slat individually.

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a fantastically affordable alternative to the warm and luxurious natural appearance of wooden blinds – and faux wooden blinds are actually much easier to clean and maintain! Faux wood blinds are much more resistant to water than real wooden blinds. In order to clean your faux wood blinds, just use a soft and clean rag or cloth with some gentle soap to wipe down the faux wood slats.