Layering Window Treatments

June 4, 2022

It’s a popular choice for many homeowners to combine layers of different window treatments together for maximum style and flair. In this blog entry, the Boca Raton shade installation service and blinds installation service experts here at Design Your Blind will describe some expert tips for layering different window treatments together.

Layering Window Treatments

It’s imperative to create contrast when layering drapery together with blinds or shades in order to avoid clashing styles. Choose a hard window treatment like faux wood blinds, wood blinds or shutters for a base layer – and choose a softer window treatment like roman shades, roller shades, and cellular shades alongside it. Hard window treatments are usually neutrally painted or come in a wood stain. Most curtain patterns or solids work with the neutral finishes of hard window treatments. Just make sure that your drapery print or color matches other finishes in your room like couches, rugs, or throw pillows. When layering soft window treatments with curtains, choose a print and a solid together for two different treatments. If you’re mixing two separate prints, make sure to contrast a large print with a delicate print.

Layering Sheer with Solid Drapery

If you want to create a sense of softness and volume, combine blackout drapes with sheer panels. Sheer panels will allow soft light in while still allowing privacy, and blackout drapes allow you to get a good night of sleep. Drapery hardware can be purchased with a double rod allowing both window treatments to independently move for maximum light control.

Combining Drapery with Roman Shade

It’s a classic approach to layer drapes on top of roman shades – these two window treatments work very well together. For maximum light control, add light filtering roman shades to blackout curtains. Keep in mind that roman shades sometimes leave gaps on the sides of the windows which light can come through – the addition of overhanging drapes will provide more darkness and a more elegant appearance.

Combining Drapery with Cellular Shades

If your windows are old or you live in an extremely hot climate, cellular shades can shield your interiors from hot outdoor temperatures. However, the modern appearance of cellular shade doesn’t match every homeowner’s aesthetic style. By adding drapery on top of cellular shades, you can add a more traditional and soft feeling to your home.

Can curtains go over blinds and shutters?

Absolutely! Combining two inch venetian blinds with drapery on top is a very classic and traditional look. White blinds look great with almost any drapery fabric. If you choose stained wooden blinds, use a drapery fabric that has some reminiscent tones of the stain color. If you’re layering drapery over shutters, just make sure that the curtain rods move far enough past the drapery. If you’re adding stained wood shutters with curtains – make sure the drapery has fabric with a reminiscent tone of the stain inside its pattern or weave.

Can I add roller shades with Roman shades?

Yes! This is an especially functional combination that pairs the decorative flair of Roman shades with highly functional blackout roller shades. However, it’s best suited for deep windows or windows that allow the back shade to be mounted within the window frame and the upper shade to be mounted on the further wall.