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Treat Yourself to Affordable and Stylish Window Blinds 

If you need new Delray Beach Blinds and you want quality for a great price, you’ve come to the right place. At Design Your Blinds in Delray Beach, we offer exceptional blinds for competitive prices. Our window blinds come from respected manufacturers, including Mermet, Hunter Douglas and Graber.

When you place your trust in our company today, you’ll access designer style, without the designer price tag.

We offer a host of traditional window blind in Delray Beach products, as well as specialized styles, such as motorized roller shades, curtains and wood blinds .

Best Delray Beach Blinds Customer Service

By choosing us today, you’ll be able to enjoy one exciting and practical perk which makes it so much easier to find the perfect  Delray Beach blinds. We are pleased to offer in-home designer consultations to our customers and these consultations are one hundred percent free. Get in touch to book your designer consultation today!

One of our caring, skilled and experienced interior designers will come to your home or office and help you to select window blinds in Delray Beach that are an ideal match for your windows and room decor, whether you want basic, mid-range or high-end styles.

Our Delray Beach window treatment experts offer every customer VIP service. Our clients love our free in-home designer consultations.

Discover Our Impressive Guarantee

A lot of window blind suppliers don’t put a premium on personalized customer service these days. We are different. Every member of our team offers old-fashioned service which is prompt, professional and polite. We offer a wide selection of blind, shades and other window treatments, as well as appealing prices and top-notch customer service policies.

When you reach out to our company today, we’ll make sure that you get the guidance and support that you need. We’re here to answer questions and offer advice if you want it.

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect blinds through our company. Your new window treatments will boost the visual appeal and functionality of your business or home.

Our Delray Beach Blinds Look Great and Provide Exceptional Performance

We stock only the best. Our blinds and other window treatments are fashionable, as well as functional. If you want to give your home or commercial space more style and more protection from sunlight, then we encourage you to check out our many window blind and window treatment options in Delray Beach today.

It’s important to protect artwork and furnishings from bright daylight, as sunlight may fade precious paintings and costly upholstery. Our sensible window treatments provide plenty of protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Another bonus of choosing our affordable window blinds from top manufacturers is that these window treatments will reduce energy consumption. They’ll keep outside air from seeping in. They’ll also keep heated or cooled air inside, where it’s supposed to be.

Our Delray Beach blinds and related products are eco-conscious options.

Good window treatments should also enhance privacy. Our styles will deliver. When you choose window treatments from Design Your Blinds in Delray Beach, you’ll find that the privacy that they provide boosts residential or commercial security.

Premier window treatments are sensible choices which also look superb. Our buyers source out the most functional and stylish products. Now, we’d like to share information about the different forms of window treatments that we sell.

When you shop at Design you Blinds Delray Beach, you’ll have so many wonderful choices.

Traditional Window Blinds Delray Beach

If traditional style is your favorite, you’ll find that we offer plenty of conventional window blinds. Getting a classic look will be so easy. Our traditional window Delray Beach blinds are made from PVC (vinyl) and they are so easy to maintain. As well, they are easy on the pocketbook. Order today to get conventional window blinds that look good, function well and don’t bust your budget.

We offer horizontal window blinds, which are the most popular, as well as vertical window blinds. Loads of sizes and colors are available.

You’ll love the level of quality that we provide. Our horizontal styles by Graber are sleek and modern (and designed to offer long product life). Choose a crown style or louver style (S-shape), according to your tastes.

If you prefer blinds which are crafted from fabric, we have lots of them on hand. One terrific option is fabric blinds from Mermet. They are crafted with textiles which feature ultra-modern, “sun control” performance.

Don’t settle for a window treatment supplier that doesn’t offer the same large inventory of high-quality traditional window blinds. We have everything that you want in stock, for the most attractive prices.

Delray Beach Wood Blinds Offer Timeless Appeal

If you appreciate the beauty of wood, you’re not alone. Wood is natural and it’s gorgeous. Investing in wooden blinds from our company will be a smart decision. You’ll access premium wood blinds in Delray Beach which have plenty of character and beauty. These styles will be crafted with care, to stand the test of time.

Whether you want a rustic effect or something more sophisticated, you’ll find that we provide the right products. Our wood window treatments are something special and they are available in a host of finishes, sizes and styles.

We recommend wood blinds for rooms that are lacking in architectural features. Wood blinds give plainer rooms a customized look. They add style and structure.

Wood blinds in Delray Beach are elegant options. They have a warm look which is beautiful and timeless.

We are pleased to offer Hunter Douglas wood blinds in Delray Beach. These blinds are dust-resistant. They’ve been treated so that they don’t show dust the way that most other wood blinds do. Be sure to check out these low-maintenance wood blinds today. You’ll love their dust-repelling performance, as well as their good looks.

Curtains in Delray Beach

Curtains are graceful choices. They flow gently over windows. We offer a dizzying  array of gorgeous curtains. These drapes are made with care by trusted manufacturers and they are available in a variety of attractive colors and materials.

If you want something basic, we have choices galore. If you’re looking for something fancier, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer designer styles with weighted bottoms and liners.

Framing your windows with drapes will allow you to express your style at home or at the office. Select the right length based on your own taste. You may select drapes which fall straight down or puddle upon the floor. Another option is curtains which hover right above windowsills.

Your choice of material will impact the way that your curtains perform and look. Denser, weightier fabrics offer added structure, while lightweight fabrics provide current, fresh style, as well as some protection from drafts and daylight.

There are so many effects that you may create with curtains. If you want elegance, consider our artisan curtains from Graber. Also, we provide a variety of fashionable drapes from other manufacturers.

Whether you want jacquards, prints, sheers, solids or stripes, we have them in stock. If you need advice about what’s best for your home or office interior, please book a free consultation. We’ll send a designer to you and the consultation won’t cost you a single penny. Our no-obligation consultations are very popular with our customers.

Delray Beach Blinds Motorized Roller Shades

Roller shades that are motorized are so convenient! They offer automated performance which is ultra-modern. Our rugged and attractive motorized roller shades may be operated via remote control and they aren’t as expensive as you might imagine.

We offer designs from Hunter Douglas. This trusted name in motorized roller shades (and other premium window treatments) is a very good brand to buy! When you choose automated roller shades from Hunter Douglas, you’ll have the option of controlling them via your mobile device or via remote control. These window covering are equipped with the very latest technology.

The motorized roller shades that we offer are available in so many attractive colors and they come in a host of materials and sizes. Finding something which is perfect for your home or office will be easy.

Why Not Book a Free Consultation?

Now that you’ve learned more about Design Your Blind Delray Beach, and what we have to offer, why not phone or email and book a free, no-obligation consultation? Our in-home designer consultations make it easy for our customers to find window treatments that are a perfect match.

Our designer will drop by your home or office at a time that is convenient for you and then share information about the most popular window treatments. This window covering expert will take your budget and preferences into account and then suggest window treatments which are ideal for your interior space(s).

It’s so easy to book a free consultation, so why not get in touch today?