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Matching Curtain Colors to Your Walls and Decor

June 6, 2023

Check out this guide to matching curtain colors to your wall paint scheme, as prepared by the professional curtain, shade, and blind installation in Florida team here at Design Your Blinds.

To begin, our professional advice is to follow one of the three rules if you’re looking to freshen your room with the addition of new window curtains. You can match your curtain colors to your walls (our favorite tip), you can opt for a neutral curtain color that compliments your wall color, or you can choose a boldly patterned or colored curtain to contrast your walls.

How can I match curtains to beige walls?

Beige is incredibly neutral. It’s easy to match curtains to beige, as there’s a ton of curtain colors that can match beige walls. You can opt for beige curtains that create a minimal and clean look for your space. We recommend you buy beige curtains in a slightly darker or lighter pattern than your wall shade to make sure the room still feels alive. WHite curtains can also match beige, and create a very classy and bright appearance. Orange curtains create a bold appearance when matched with beige walls, but work best if you already have orange furniture or other orange decor. Green curtains are incredibly elegant – yet somewhat unique – options for beige malls, especially when matched with green-toned furniture or decor.

What curtain colors match cream walls?

Cream – just like beige – is a highly neutral color tone. There’s A wide range for window curtain colors to match beige walls. Cream curtains create a similarly minimal – and very composed appearance for rooms with beige walls Grey curtains create a very modern and classy appearance of rooms with beige walls. Purple curtains create a bold, elegant ,and almost regal color splash for beige-walled rooms, and work best with rooms that have matching furniture, decor, or accent pieces. A soft blue curtain is a fantastic match to beige walls, and is the most popular choice for beige-walled rooms due to their balance of subtle flair and bold contrast.

What color curtains match white walls?

It’s a fantastic option to match your white walls with white curtains. This creates  an incredibly bright and clean appearance.  While black is usually considered a neutral color, matching black curds against a white wall is a bold stylistic statement and is considered quite sophisticated. blue curtains are also a fantastic option to pair with white walls. They provide an oceanic and relaxing sense of luxury while also functioning somewhat bold and Visually striking. for those who are fans of pastels, pink, purple, or green pastels can be a fantastic combination with white walls. they’re subtle enough to allow the room to remain sophisticated, while fun enough to allow the room to maintain a sense of vibrancy.