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Roller & Solar Shades

Roller Shades also called roller blinds, are a fabric roller on a tube, which is controlled with a chain to lower and raise them. Ideal in hot climates with high sun exposure, Roller Shades offer excellent sun control and light control, with different fabric options that give you the control between privacy and the view. All types of roller shades provide different levels of energy efficiency, light and glare control, and UV protection against harsh sun rays.

Available in different colors, textures and patterns to match and blend your interior decoration.

Motorized Roller Shades

Maximize the power of sun control and shading with a motorized roller shade, powered by Somfy, world’s leading tube motor manufacture, most reliable and quiet motors in the market.

Solar Shades

Made from a basket-weave mesh from fiberglass and PVC, Roller Shades are determined by their “openness” level, ranging between 1% and 14%.
The weave of lower percentage “openness” fabric is more thick and dense, providing better sun control and light filtration, along with higher levels of privacy and energy efficiency.
Fabrics with a higher “openness” percentage have slightly bigger gaps between the strands and they allow more light to come in, and enjoy the views much more.

In other words, the % is a factor of light that’s allowed through the screen. For best light & heat control, UV protection and privacy, choose the lower percentage. For moderate sun control and to be able to see through the screen, choose the higher %.

An important matter to consider when choosing a screen shade is knowing that as much as you can see out through the screens during the day, then during the night, when it’s dark outside and lights are on inside, people can see inside. For bedrooms and private areas, a lower percentage is recommended, and for common areas you can go with a higher percentage.

Blackout Shades

Blackout Roller Shades are a fully opaque fabric, providing 100% sun control, light control and privacy.

Ideal in bedrooms for people sensitive to light, that don’t want the sun to wake them up in the morning.

Available with Side Tracks to eliminate light gaps on either sides of the shade with the window. With an aluminum top cover fascia and side tracks, the blackout roller shades makes the room almost completely dark. For absolute blackout options, we have closed zipper system tracks that guarantee 100%.

Dual Roller Shades

A perfect solution for people that want to enjoy both worlds of sun control, while still being able to see the view through the screen, and have a blackout solution when needed.

A Dual Roller Shade system is consisted of two roller shades, usually a screen in front and a blackout behind (closer to the window). You have the option of controlling each one individually.