Reasons to Consider UV Solar Shade Installation

February 9, 2022

UV solar shades provide a massive range of practical, aesthetic, economic, and even health benefits to homes and businesses. In this blog entry, the shade installation team here at Design Your Blinds will detail the main reasons to consider installing high quality UV solar shades at your property today.

What exactly are UV solar shades?

While solar shades might appear like normal window shades, they are in real;ty made of high-tech, tightly woven together material that blocks light from entering your interiors. UV solar shades are ideal for very bright environments that get tons of natural sunlight – and the brighter your interiors are, the more UV solar shades will be the ideal window treatment choice for you. UV solar shades look fantastic in environments of all kinds, and provide a restrained yet elegant appearance that complements existing decor. They come in a range of thicknesses – and the thicker each UV solar shade is, the less light (and dangerous ultraviolet rays) they will let into your property. The thicker the UV solar shade, the more privacy you’ll have in your home.

What are the advantages of UV solar shades?

UV solar shades are a fantastic choice due to their ability to protect your furniture, fabrics, artwork, and even skin from the dangerous and fading qualities of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The thicker the UV solar shade, the more UV protection and light control it will provide – as well as privacy. UV solar shades can help retain your interior temperatures at a stable level, lowering the amount of money you’d otherwise be paying for a heating or cooling bill, and making your property more environmentally efficient in turn. UV solar shades are also a great choice for bedrooms (especially if you’re a light sleeper or a late riser,) as well as media / TV rooms that get direct sun exposure.

Are you interested in UV solar shade installation?

Join the club! More people than ever before are ordering custom-designed UV solar shades to outfit their homes and businesses. UV solar shades are the ultimate choice for lowering dangerous UV radiation in your interiors, keeping your property warm in the Wintertime and cool in the Summertime – saving you more money in the long run. Contact Design Your Blinds to arrange a full-consultation, custom-tailored window treatment consultation and UV solar shade installation services today.