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Summer Window Treatment Care

July 26, 2023

In this blog entry, the window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail some great tips for caring for your window treatments during the Summer.

Window Treatment Summer Repair

Summer is a great time to make necessary repairs to your window treatments. Some signs that your window treatments should receive Summer repairs include:

  • Broken or warped shutters and slats
  • Broken lifting mechanisms
  • Fraying cords
  • Dirty blinds
  • Dusty blinds

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Energy Efficiency

If you’re trying to make an upgrade to your window treatment, we recommend sticking with an energy efficient solution – especially during the hot months of Summer. A large amount of home cooling and heating loss can be blamed on windows – between 25-30 percent. Modern window treatments will help you keep your home much cooler in the Summer, while saving you a great deal of money on air conditioning. 

Some popular energy efficient window treatments include:

  • Cellular shades
  • Roman shades
  • Exterior window treatments
  • Shutters
  • Roller shades

If you don’t want to purchase new window treatments, you can make your existing window treatments more energy efficient by adding liners to draperties for insulation, or by choosing light colored fabrics that will reflect heat back outside.

Motorized Window Treatments

You can make your home more energy efficient tby motirizeding your window treatments, allowing you to easily control when your window treatments open and close with the simple touch of a button. Motorization also helps you install sun sensors and temperature sensors on your windows, allowing your windows to automatically close when sun is hitting your interiors in the afternoon, making your home more comfortable and lowering the strain on your air conditioning and HVAC systems.

Preventing Sun Damage

The heat of the Summer is associated with sun damage to window treatments. Discoloration and fading are some of the issues that sun exposure causes window treatments. UV light from the sun can oxidize and rapidly age window treatments. You can prevent the fading of window treatments from the sun by:

  • Opening up window treatments during the day to keep them away from the sun
  • Tinting your windows
  • Utilizing sheer curtains during the daytime
  • Installing high-quality linens that protect from sun exposure onto your window treatments

Window Treatment Cleaning Tips

  1. Regularly vacuum window treatments with soft brush attachments
  2. Immediately spot clean any stains and spills
  3. Remove drapery and periodically wash it according to the manufacturer instructions
  4. Dry clean fabric shades every 1-2 years
  5. Wipe blinds made of reeds, bamboo, or wood with a damp cloth, but make sure not to get them too wet in order to protect against warping