The Effect of Window Shade Color Choices

April 28, 2023

Here’s a guide to how window shade color choices can change the style and feeling of your home, as prepared by the expert Florida window treatment installation team here at Design Your Blind.

Window Shade Color and Texture to Create Ambiance

Different colors and textures of window shades create a unique mood and feeling in your home. Neutral shades like white and beige create a sense of peace and cam, making them ideal for bedrooms or meditation rooms. Bolder and brighter shades like orange and red can create a sense of energy, making them ideal for living rooms, home offices, or other areas where you want to be creative and productive. Green and blue shades create a calm environment, making them great for offices or study areas.

Choosing the Right Color Shade and Pattern for Window Blinds

Window blinds, just like window shades, come in a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns, with each of them having a unique effect on ambiance. White blinds provide a sense of freshness, making them great for rooms that need more natural light or smaller rooms. Gray blinds have an elegant appearance, making them perfect for living rooms and offices. Black blinds are ideal for rooms that sometimes require total darkness, like bedrooms or media rooms. Wooden blinds provide a fantastically warm and natural atmosphere, making them perfect for living rooms or sunrooms.