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Top Florida Window Treatment Installation Options

January 29, 2023

In this blog entry, the Florida shades installation and Florida blinds installation team here at Design Your Blinds will detail the best options and choices for window treatments today.


Shutters have unique structure and shapes. Shutters are the prototypical bucolic farmhouse window treatment. Exterior shutters are aesthetically beautiful and interior shutters are also fantastic. Shutters provide charm and character, can provide privacy through adjustment of slats, and provide insulation by protecting your interior from the elements and regulating your indoor temperature. In warm months, shutters can stop nearly half of the radiant heat from entering your property. Shutters generally block more sunlight than the majority of other window treatments!


Blinds are available in a wide range of styles and materials. They can match any homeowner’s desire. Popular forms of blinds include faux wood, wood, and motorized varieties. Blinds can be placed in all sorts of rooms and work perfectly. Simple corded blinds are easy to use, but they can also be motorized to eliminate cords and allow you to control blinds easily by remote. Blinds are some of the most cost effective window openings out there.


Custom window shades are ideal for energy efficiency, and allow you to block sunlight from your home with great levels of control. Cellular shades have the highest energy efficiency value and have fantastic insulation, especially double cell treatments. Roman shades are made of thick material that’s well insulated, but in order to work the best they need to be closed for the majority of the day. Motorized solar shades work with sun and temperature sensors to allow your shades to automatically adjust throughout the day based on outdoor conditions.


Some of the most classy and sophisticated forms of window treatments are drapery. They provide a very luxurious feel and pull together a room’s design. They pair very well with both blinds and shades for contrast, depth, and dimension for an elegant window treatment. They add color and texture to both walls and windows, they provide warmth and elegance, provide fantastic room darkening, and provide fantastic insulation.