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Top Reasons to Install Cellular Shades

February 1, 2022

Cellular shades are a high-tech, expertly designed Los Angeles window treatment solution that make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient – not to mention affordable! In this blog entry, the cellular shade installation team here at Design Your Blinds will detail the main reasons to consider cellular shades for your property.

Customizable Color Options

Cellular shades have a wide array of textures and color variations. There’s a massive amount of design options available for cellular shades. Cellular Shades come in a massive variety of textures, colors, and opacities, ranging from blackout to sheer. Some home or business owners want to match their honeycomb cellular shades to the trim of their windows, while others want a more textured appearance. If you want the appearance of fabric without having to deal with any cleaning, choose the designer cellular shade patterns. There are really endless possibilities for design when you’re dealing with cellular shades. 

Light Control

Cellular Shades come in a wide range of opacity levels, ranging from blackout to sheer, with sheer shades allowing in the largest amount of light, while blackout shades can completely darken rooms. Blackout shades are an ideal choice for home theater rooms and bedrooms. Between these two extreme ends of the light filtering spectrum, you’ll also find subtle light filtering cellular shades and semi-opaque cellular shades. These allow different levels of light into your interior while offering different levels of privacy. Homeowners who want the appearance of sheer shades can choose sheer honeycomb shades, and those who want a certain amount of light inside their home without giving up their privacy can choose light filtering cellular shades or semi-opaque cellular shades. If you’re having problems deciding between the ability to look at your beautiful views, and your need for privacy, cellular shades are an ideal choice. This is why cellular shades are often known as dual shades – as they allow for perfect views whether it’s day or night, and are ideal for homeowners who want the best of both worlds when it comes to window treatments. 


Cellular shades are available in a wide degree of operation and lifting options, making them an ideal choice for any room size or budget. Cordless lift cellular shades eliminate the need for hanging cords, which is ideal for homeowners with pets or small children. This allows homeowners to position shades exactly where they want them and to operate the shade easily while avoiding any risk of dangling or hanging cords. Other kinds of lift options are continuous cord loop cellular shades, standard cord lock cellular shades, and retractable cord cellular shades. You can even install motorized cellular shades that can be operated with just the push of a button, or the click of a smartphone application. Honeycomb shades even have a top-down bottom-up feature which allows shades to be lowered from their upper half. This allows homeowners to allow light into their property while preserving all privacy below. Solar shades are incredibly durable, easy to clean, and last for many many many, many years. 

Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

Cellular Shades provide insulation to Windows forming a pocket that traps heat. This makes cellular shades an energy-efficient option for those looking to lower their energy bills and make their home more environmentally friendly. Cellular Shades can keep the heat outside during the summer and keep heat inside your home during the winter. This will make your environment much more comfortable and even lower your energy utility bills. if you’re concerned with noise reduction, cellular shades can provide a high degree of noise control with it’s material blocking sound the same way it blocks heat. This makes it a fantastic choice for blocking out noise from outdoors. Cellular Shades can be bought in both single-cell and double-cell constructions. Single-cell cellular shades provide a good degree of energy efficiency and noise reduction. However, double-cell construction cellular shades provide a much higher level of noise control and energy efficiency. This all depends on your priorities, aesthetic preferences and budget.

Clean and Soft Appearance

Usually, cellular shades are made of polyester, allowing them to perfectly match existing drapery and to easily be installed with a pleated appearance that many homeowners find aesthetically appealing. Honeycomb solar shades can be stacked up like an accordion, allowing them to almost disappear when they’re fully raised, providing you ideal views of the outdoors. The ability to retract into a very tiny stack adds a great deal of flexibility when it comes to existing decor, whether it’s modern or traditional. Cellular shades are available in a nearly endless amount of fabric styles and colors, and are very easy to clean, are very durable, and are highly energy-efficient – not to mention being available in a wide range of price points. Contact Design Your Blinds today to have your cellular shades installed at your residential or commercial property, and all for a competitive and budget friendly rate.