Types of Window Shades

April 21, 2021

There’s a massive amount of window shades made, models, layouts, and material commonly available on the market today for home or business applications. In this blog entry, the window treatment experts here at Design Your Blinds will provide informed detail as to the various types of window shades, and how their unique forms can best suit your privacy and light control needs.

Roller Shades

These modern and minimally designed shades work in almost all room layouts and styles. Essentially, the fabric of these shades are rolled at the window’s top and are extended to reduce glare. They are easy to use, come in sheer or opaque varieties, can be fit to all window sizes, and are available in a ton of style and color options. Design Your Blinds carries a massive variety of roller shades from blackout varieties to opaque varieties in a wide range of materials.

Roman Shades

Named after their unique appearance that resembles Ancient Roman awnings, these shades are known for their elegantly draped and folded fabric that can be positioned down or up depending on your wishes. They can function as solitary window treatments or can be combined with other window treatments, and come in a variety of shade styles ranging from pleated and relaxed to flat, cascaded, Tulips, and much more! They are ideal for application in bay windows, and offer fantastic versatility and age-old aesthetic appeal.

Woven Wood Shades

These unique shades are created from wood and other natural materials woven together, and like roman shades, can function on their own as a solitary window treatment, or can be ideally combined with others. There’s a wide variety of control options available, and woven wood shades make a fantastic choice for rooms with a woodsy, rustic, or natural aesthetic. They look fantastic though when combined with minimal or modern decor!

Cellular Shades

These shades regulate light, provide fantastic insulation, and keep temperatures steady due to their high-tech materials and construction. Their honeycomb cell design protects your interiors from exterior heat and cold by trapping air within the cells themselves. They can filter light in a range of levels from blackout to moderate, have a streamlined, clean-angled, and minimal appearance, and can be effectively integrated into rooms of all aesthetics. You can even purchase day/night cellular shades with light filtering fabric on one half with a blackout shade on the other!