Unique Features of Roman Shades

May 11, 2021

Roman shades offer myriad aesthetic and practical advantages to home or business owners that opt to work with their classical yet understated elegance. In this blog entry, the Roman shade installation experts here at Design Your Blind will detail the unique features that make Roman shades an excellent window treatment option.

The Main Types of Roman Shades

The three main forms of Roman shades include:

  1. Standard / Traditional Roman Shades – these shades are created from polyester, last a long time, and are easily operated, fully customizable, and available for those with any budget.
  2. Envirofusion Roman Shades – these shades are created with unique liners of cells that provide excellent light control, temperature diffusion, and energy efficiency.
  3. Bamboo Roman Shades and Woven Wood Roman Shades – these natural and organic appearing Roman shades offer a range of warm and cozy color options with the benefit of adding traditional and natural looking textures to your living or work environment.

Roman Shade Fold Styles 

  1. Tear Drop Folds / Hobbled Folds – This Roman shade fold option adds material between panels to provide a fuller and denser appearance.
  2. Flat Fold Roman Shades – these Roman shades pull fabric taut between panels for a streamlined and modern appearance ideal for commercial environments.
  3. Duofold Roman shades – these Roman shades, also known as top-down-bottom-up Roman shades, can be both raised from the bottom and lowered from the top. This is ideal if you have excellent views through your window or if you want extra light control. This is great if you want to pair light control with flexible options for privacy.
  4. European Fold Roman Shades – This style curves on the sides for a softened appearance, however it needs to be manually adjusted, so it’s ideal for windows that aren’t touched or manipulated often.
  5. Seamless Fold Roman Shades – these Roman shades provide a seamless, minimal, and tailored appearance, with zero seams that are visible to the eye.

Roman Shade Lifting Upgrade Options

  1. Cordless Lift Roman Shades – this option allows you to raise and lower your Roman shades without lift cords, making them ideal for fully accessible windows. They aren’t great options for tall windows that you can’t reach the top of, as it might be harder to manipulate the upper half of the shade.
  2. Cord Front Roman Shades – this upgrade for your Roman shades allows you to move the cord in front of the Roman shade for easy operation and visibility, while somewhat sacrificing a clean appearance / minimal aesthetic.
  3. Continuous Cord Roman Shades – this upgrade is ideal for large windows with heavy or dense shades. They are ideal choices for people who have difficulty gripping and/or arthritis.
  4. Remote Operation Roman Shades – this upgrade offers the convenience of allowing you to control your shades by remote. Up to 16 shades can be automated through remote control at once!
  5. Light Filtering Roman Shades – Roman shades made of light filtering material allows you full control of the ambient light in your environment, while additionally providing full privacy and light/color diffusion.