UV Solar Shades

March 7, 2021

UV Solar Shades are a popular choice of window treatments due to their ability to diffuse and block light, and protect those in your interior – as well as furniture – from damaging ultraviolet light in the sun’s rays. In this blog entry, the window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blind will provide some more detail as to the benefits of UV Solar Shades.

Definition of UV Solar Shades

UV Solar shades protect your interiors by reflecting back the sun’s rays, preventing damaging light from fading yoru walls and furniture and affecting your skin. UV Solar Shades absorb the heat from outdoors, keeping your home cooler in Summer – while also letting a bit of light in throught it’s thin and semi-translucent fabric.

Benefits of UV Solar Shades

UV Solar Shades can help lower your energy bills. They can prevent solar glare from affecting your ability to see your computer screen – ideal for those working from home today. However, they don’t block your light or view from outside – and are available in ranging degrees of opacity. Their streamlined, neat, and pleasant design works with any and all settings, from homes to offices, and can be matched to any type of existing decor. UV Solar Shades are durable, long lasting, attractive, and affordable – making them an ideal choice for those looking for an investment in a high quality and effective window treatment that gives back.