Window Shutter FAQ

October 6, 2021

In this blog entry, the window treatment installation experts here at Design Your Blinds will help answer your main pressing questions about window shutters – both their operation and their installation. 

What exactly are interior shutters?

Interior shutters are a form of window covering usually made of faux wood or wood. They’re made up with a rigid frame and horizontally aligned louvers that can tilt. While blinds can be raised up to the very top of a window, shutter panels swing open to the side so you can see out the window. Shutters and blinds alike have louvers, or slats, that tilt to open or close for light control. Shutters, however, are more durable than blinds as they’re permanently attached to the window and crafted out of thicker material.

How stylish are interior shutters?

Shutters are permanently stylish since they have options for customization for any decor style you choose – from traditional and rustic to modern and futuristic. Homeowners might decide to update shutters with hidden tilts in slick finishes – and large louvers can create a seamless and smooth look. Historic and older homes with classic decor can even choose an interior shutter frame style that works well with their existing crown molding.

What’s the Longevity of Interior Shutters?

Interior shutters are some of the longest lasting and most durable window treatments out there – once installed, they’re supposed to be permanent. Inf act, shutters are one of the few window treatments that add monetary value to your home when it’s on the market – and they’re ecologically friendly, as they’re designed to last at least 10 years, and even more than 20 based on their material, construction, and usage style, with solid wood shutters being the most durable.

Do shutters provide instuilationj or energy efficiency?

Yes! Shutters provide both insulation and energy efficiency. Depending on the frame style you choose, shutters can reduce heat transfer and even fully enclose your windows. Faux wood shutters provide the most insulation abilities as they are usually hollow, which provides an air pocket that is insulated – while real wood shutters have slightly less insulation abilities, but a higher degree of durability.

Do shutters reduce noise?

Shutters can dampen noise – they won’t block out ALL traffic sounds, but can help make your space much more quiet especially when closed. However, shutters can increase the level of echo in rooms with echoes, as they will reverberate any nearby sound waves.

Can I motorize my interior shutters?

Yes! Interior shutters can be motorized with full tilt control via remote, push button, or control through a dedicated smartphone application!